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Beats To Relax // Study To: Lofi Hip Hop Radio Stream

lofi hip hop radio – beats to relax/study to.

main genre: lofi hiphop • other genres: chillhop/ambient/electronic…

800+ musics tracks are played (24h+ of different tracks) & more songs will be added every day.

The name of the song currently playing is indicated in the top left corner of the video.

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ASC :: Live @ Ohm, Berlin (2015-12-12)

ASC recorded live at Samurai Horo x Auxiliary night @ Ohm, Berlin 12/12/2015.

Om Unit :: Gate 1 – “Sleep/Surrender”

Gates is a new mixtape series from Om Unit. While drawing on elements familiar to Om Units regular fans and listeners, the series focuses on sonic architecture and listener experience.

There will be seven “Gates”, each exploring a unique and concisely expressed theme and containing music and sounds chosen without the constraints of genre or style.

Gate #1 is “Sleep/Surrender”.

ASC :: Isolatedmix 45 // May 2014

“[…] ASC’s ‘Time Heals All’, released on Silent Season, cemented the label as one of the best out there for the year, and firmly assured ASC as a class act – not only under his more familiar drum’n bass guise, but with these new ventures into deep, atmospheric ambient soundscapes.

2014 sees James Clements revisit this approach. ‘Truth Be Told’ has already sold-out in physical formats, with a digital release set for June 1st [available here] – something most ambient artists can only dream of in today’s industry. But, if you’ve laid ears on this release already, or indeed any of his previous on Silent Season, this success won’t come as a surprise.

‘Truth Be Told’ is James’ third full-ambient release and his third on Canadian based label Silent Season. An extension of his previous sound, it’s another dream-like album packed full of textures, sound design and vivid journeys. An extension of ‘Time Heals All’ (2013), the album is tailored for the ethereal escapist, diving deep, and shimmering beautifully across nine tracks.”

isolatedmix 45 – ASC // For more info visit

✖ No Tracklist Available.

Oakin :: Reflections // April 2014

Oakin – Reflections // April 2014.

Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe :: Isolatedmix 44 // Mar. 2014

Hiroshi Watanabe has been releasing records since 1996, with styles ranging from deep house to his more recognized ambient/electronica works on Kompakt under the guise of Kaito. A stalwart for the label for the past twelve years, Hiroshi has clocked up no less than eight albums and recently released the rather brilliant “Less Time Until The End”.

His passion for introspective electronic music is clearly visible in his latest release and his Kaito moniker is seemingly dedicated to this emotional side. Named after his son and translating as “the one that is able to explain the universe”, Kaito’s music is warm, analogue and immersive electronica, riddled with a million stories. Hiroshi’s a big believer in communicating through his music and opens up to the many ways a track can be perceived- he’s a storyteller, a painter of the night sky and the magician behind the soundtrack which accompanies them.

Hiroshi’s isolatedmix stems from this approach and takes us on a night-flight through some of his inspirations that span the spectrum of the ambient electronic genre – a perfect introduction to the newbie or an expertly curated accompaniment for the veteran. Hiroshi will be the guide, but you’ll make your own way there…”

isolatedmix 44 – Kaito aka Hiroshi Watanabe // For more info visit

Kid Drama :: Hyp Mix 165 // February 2014

“Damon Kirkham likes an alias, that much is clear. Formerly one half of Instra:mental (along with Al ‘Boddika’ Green), he operated as Kid Drama , before employing the Jon Convex moniker around the time the duo split around 2011. Details of the split remain sparse to this day, but what is apparent is that the sepration hasn’t stopped the flow of quality music being released by Kirkham. Always operating with a sonic pallete that took note from, but didn’t exclusively sitck to, Drum n Bass, he’s now focusing on his output as Kid Drama, teaming up with former Autonomic collaborator d-Bridge as Heart Drive for a series of podcasts and some new material. With the podcasts focusing on a glitchy half-step and synth heavy electronica, it would appear Heart Drive is a new exciting chapter in Kirkham’s perennially forward facing musical career.

Tracklist free, Hyp 165 takes in all facets of Kirkham’s career, travelling from his Autonomic days to the present day revival of Kid Drama. Jungle, Footwork, Half-Step and DnB all fit in seamlessly as Kirkham keeps the quality throughout for an hour’s worth of music that refuses to sit still for a single second.”

✖ No Tracklist Available.

Solitude :: 2am Mix // February 2014

“Live recording taken from an event i played a while back. Enjoy!”

Solitude • 2am Mix • February 2014.

✖ No Tracklist Available.

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Akkord :: FACT Mix 421 // January 2014

“Originally designed as an anonymous project – though Akkord’s identity was eventually revealed as Apollo-associated producers Synkro and Indigo – Akkord introduced themselves with a brace of self-released 12″s in 2012 […]”

AkkordFACT Mix 421 – January 2014.

Kid Kameleon :: New Leaves // January 2014

“Some favorite cuts from 2013 on the listening end of the spectrum. Dense beats, synth driven, slightly syrupy and psychedelic future sounds.”

New Leaves mixed by Kid Kameleon • January 2014.