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Andrea :: Nasa EP

AndreaNasa EP” ★ Label: Moose Records ★ Released 13 April 2015 ★

Andrea is the definition of the “bedroom-producer” that makes organic music with a subtle landscape feeling.”

Polaroid Notes :: The Long Bright Dark

Polaroid NotesThe Long Bright Dark” ★ Audio Gourmet Netlabel ★ Rel. 04 April 2015 ★

Polaroid Notes is a German artist who has lived near the Alps for the last 20 years. He has been playing experimental music since the eighties and since 2012 he began recording as Kraut Sounds. Polaroid Notes is a fresh project heading into a new direction which lies somewhere between Ambient and Modern Classical.

The Long Bright Dark‘ is Polaroid Notes‘ debut EP for Audio Gourmet, with four improvised piano-led tracks. The pieces traverse icy effects-drenched notes, subtle field recordings and swirling synth drones.

Robot Love :: Melancoil EP

Robot LoveMelancoil EP” ★ Self-released ★ Released 07 April 2015 ★

Ursprünglich im Oktober letzten Jahres auf dem Label Sui Generiz veröffentlicht, ist die “Melancoil EP” nun auf dem Bandcamp-Account von Robot Love gelandet.

Robot Love is Steve Nishimura, a special guy born in the city of Honolulu, Hawaii and now living and learning in Boston. His music approach is very peculiar and powerful. Crossing the most minimal and misc beats with blossoming elements and suspenseful melodys. This artist manage to create perfect harmony above this contrasting ideas and it is both a pleasure to the listening soul aswell as funky to the dancefloor.”


LostodysseyTHISDREAMSUCKS” ★ Label: Morning Beast ★ Released 11 March 2015 ★

Auch der zweite Release von James Williams auf dem wunderbaren Morning Beast Label steht seinem Debüt aus dem letzten Jahr in nichts nach. Eine Wohltat für die Ohren, schönes Release //

A culmination of b-sides, and unreleased tracks produced last year during the making of the first EP Early Rise.

“Hailing from from the island of Oahu and residing in Eugene, Oregon, James Williams produces a select brand of dreamy bedroom beats. Heavy on self-sampling, this multi-instrumentalist comes from a diverse background of both musical training and sound experimentation. His beats might not be played in the clubs, but they fill every void inside the lonely and create a soundscape for retrospective thoughts, goosebumps, and love-making.”

El Fog :: Reverberate Slowly

El FogReverberate Slowly” ★ Label: Flau Records ★ Released 22 February 2015 ★

“”Reverberate Slowly” is a smoky collection of gorgeous late-night dub miniatures from mysterious Berlin-based producer El Fog.

Unlike so many albums in the genre it has a fragile personality and many layers to uncover on each subsequent listen.

Reverberate Slowly” is a totally seductive listening experience and like a candlelit supper with that special someone, it won’t fail to draw you into its moonlit night-time mood.

Album originally released our favorite label moteer, 2007. This Edition is re-mastering version with 2 rare track and bonus remix from Jan Jelinek.”

ASC :: Auxcast Phase Three: Episode 03 // March 2015

ASC – Auxcast Phase Three: Episode 03 – March 2015.

Podcast Download

Christopher Hipgrave :: No Greater Hero Than The Least…

C. Hipgrave :: No Greater Hero Than The Least…Home Normal ★ Rel. 27 Feb 2015 ★

Christopher Hipgrave is one of the great enigmas of the modern ambient-electronic scene in the UK. In 2009 he released his debut ‘Day’ to critical acclaim, but in the five years since then only quietly released his fantastic ‘Slow, With Pages Of Fluttering Interference’ on Low Point, as well as creating the excellent standalone ‘Ambient’ software which had Sound On Sound of all people getting all giddy.”

All music by Christopher Hipgrave • Cover photography by Peter Nejedly.

Duckem :: Matter EP

DuckemMatter EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 March 2015 ★

“Dusty chords, tight percussion and beautifully deep sounds, this four-track is guaranteed to satiate purveyors of fine dub-techno and bass music.

Bucking the trend of your usual 4-4 style dub-techno, Duckem takes us a bit deeper and further into the sound. Pushing percussive boundaries, and working layers upon layers.”

Porya Hatami :: Shallow Remixed

Porya HatamiShallow Remixed” ★ Dewtone Recordings ★ Released 17 February 2015 ★

Dewtone Recordings released a collaborative effort with Iran’s Porya Hatami.

Mastered by Nikos Fragomanolakis • Photo by Patrick Lienin.

Juxta Phona :: We Will Not Be Silence

juxta phonawe will not be silence” ★ Label: Home Normal ★ Rel. 20 February 2015 ★

juxta phona is one odd-balled brain child of producer jason corder – a man of many musical facets. juxta phona is also an ongoing communal collaboration with many talented allstars such as ian hawgood, matt yarington, morgan packard, gurun gurun, colin campbell, and a slew of other open minded cameos. jason has spent years producing and collecting sounds under various monikers such as offthesky and color cassette – each exploring and focused within it’s own unique right. for juxta phona, he tight-rope walks the intermittent lines between crafty beat action and washy melody, all tangled up with a wonderfully playful spirit.

jason began exploring music from a young age attempting to create textures and melodies via antique tracker software. he is a self taught guitarist and enjoys experimenting with new production techniques when he’s not performing his music live. he is an avid collaborator and relentless producer who feels that sleep is best done when one is dead.”