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Porya Hatami :: Shallow Remixed

Porya HatamiShallow Remixed” ★ Dewtone Recordings ★ Released 17 February 2015.

Dewtone Recordings released a collaborative effort with Iran’s Porya Hatami.

Mastered by Nikos Fragomanolakis • Photo by Patrick Lienin.

Juxta Phona :: We Will Not Be Silence

juxta phonawe will not be silence” ★ Label: Home Normal ★ Released 20 February 2015.

juxta phona is one odd-balled brain child of producer jason corder – a man of many musical facets. juxta phona is also an ongoing communal collaboration with many talented allstars such as ian hawgood, matt yarington, morgan packard, gurun gurun, colin campbell, and a slew of other open minded cameos. jason has spent years producing and collecting sounds under various monikers such as offthesky and color cassette – each exploring and focused within it’s own unique right. for juxta phona, he tight-rope walks the intermittent lines between crafty beat action and washy melody, all tangled up with a wonderfully playful spirit.

jason began exploring music from a young age attempting to create textures and melodies via antique tracker software. he is a self taught guitarist and enjoys experimenting with new production techniques when he’s not performing his music live. he is an avid collaborator and relentless producer who feels that sleep is best done when one is dead.”

Yuya Ota :: Zion

Yuya OtaZion” ★ Label: Fuselab ★ Rel. 15 February 2015 ★ Art: Sasha Sementsev

Yuya Ota is a Tokyo-based musician and sound artist.

Zion” is Yuya’s new mini-album representing of what he did during last couple of years.”

Moment :: Yeah, I See

MomentYeah, I See” ★ Label: Mad-Hop Records ★ Released 12 February 2015 ★

“Moment’s music is a temptress of sorts, darting in and out of beautiful noise with poise and elegance, yet never actually achieving its potential. I foresee the follow-up to this EP becoming much stronger as Moment’s musical identity becomes more realized.

Anyway his music finds big appreciation through respected artists of the Polish music beat-scene.”

Mastering: Grzegorz Dąbek • Cover photo: Elido Turco • Typography: Yens.

:: (Free) Your Mind Label Compilation

(Free) Your Mind Label CompilationMindtricks Records ★ Rel. 09 February 2015 ★

“Coming in! A 17 track FREE compilation to celebrate the 8th year in existence for Mindtrick Records. This collection of tracks represents our diverse sonic message over the years.

13 of the 17 tracks you might know already from previous releases over the years but the other 4 are new and previously unreleased. These tracks are by Inofaith, Tangent, Nour Fawzi and SB-Six.

These last two artists (Nour Fawzi and SB-Six) are new additions to the roster and their music will see the light of day very soon.”

Masaya Ozaki :: Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes

Masaya OzakiFluid And Dreaming Of Stripes” ★ Eilean Rec. ★ Rel. 02 February 2015 ★

Masaya Ozaki is a film composer and multi-instrumentalist born in Niigata, Japan. His works are focused on the small moments, the subtleties of change, the essence of the fleeting moments. He composes in a wide range of musical genres, from classical to avant-garde, from organic and natural sounds to electronic music from full range orchestral music to singular haunting melodies. With “Fluid And Dreaming Of Stripes” on Eilean Rec. he presents his first complete album.

Written, formed & mixed by Masaya Ozaki in Brooklyn (NY) between April 2013 & February 2014.

Sounds: tape loops, reel to reel tapes, piano, sine waves, synthesizer, guitar, Ukelele, pedals & field recordings • Artwork: Peter Nejedly.

Spheruleus :: Peripheres

SpheruleusPeripheres” ★ Eilean Rec. ★ Rel. 02 February 2015 ★ Art: Peter Nejedly

Peripheres‘ is a series of short sketches rooted in lo-fi sound design and influenced by the fenland landscape in which the artist resides.

The music contained in Peripheres is born out of a desire to create shorter, more melodic structures and sees Spheruleus experimentating with rhythm in Electro Acoustic sound design. The tracks were created using deconstructed recordings that were chopped up and re-arranged as a sequence of one-shots. This includes recordings of acoustic instruments, lo-fi rhythms made from field recordings and dusty old vinyl samples. Through each ‘Periphere’ the soundtrack traverses endless flat landscapes as the widespread panoramic views unfold.

Spheruleus is UK based artist Harry Towell, who resides in the Lincolnshire fens. He has been active in the experimental/sound design field since 2008 and his past material has been made available through labels such as Hibernate, Home Normal, Under The Spire and Time Released Sound. Harry also runs netlabel Audio Gourmet and limited edition CDr label Tessellate.

All sounds composed & recorded by Harry Towell between January 2014 and September 2014 in Bourne, Lincolnshire.

Loscil :: For Greta

loscilfor Greta” ★ Self-released ★ Released 28 January 2015 ★

“A fundraiser for my friends Tim and Heather whose daughter Greta has been diagnosed with Ewing’s Sarcoma. All funds will go to support Tim and his family in this challenging time.”

Music by Scott Morgan.

Cello on Luna by Krista Marshall • Voices for Lucioles provided by Sadie & Clara.

Yayati :: 000

Yayati000” ★ Label: Fuselab ★ Released 22 January 2015 ★ Cover Art: Igor Fedoseev

“Dreamytech album and some absurd post-vapor fantasies by Sochi’s Yayati aka Igor Fedoseev. Available as digital & limited red tapes”.

Co∆chMotΣL :: Space ∆lchemy EP


Co∆chMotΣLSpace ∆lchemy EP” ★ Self-released ★ Released 15 January 2015 ★

Artwork by Jackson Turowski.