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Lucinate :: Skip

LucinateSkip” ★ Label: King Deluxe ★ Released 20 November 2015 ★ Art: The Visualists

“The latest Dutch beat specialist to join the Deluxe lineup is Bram van der Hoeven, a Nijmegen resident who as Lucinate recently debuted his jazzy sound on the excellent label Cosmonostro with Circadian Rhythm.”

Uno Datwangi :: Beneath Rough Waters

Uno DatwangiBeneath Rough Waters” ★ Outlier Recordings ★ Released 17 Nov. 2015 ★

Production: Uno Datwangi • Artwork: Greydy Labarca.

Mastering & Graphic Design: Alex Gohorel.

Spicules :: A Pale Bouquet

Spicules :: A Pale Bouquet ★ Self-released ★ Released 20 October 2015 ★

Recorded & self-released by Aleksandr Nefedov.

Artwork by Gul’dar Isyangulova • Listening in headphones is recommended.

Autoisolation :: Into The Mist

autoisolationInto The Mist” ★ Label: floe ★ Released 16 October 2015 ★

“Debut album by moscow composer Roland Zingiber aka autoisolation incl. two sides of author – dark jazz & ambient works.”

Limited Edition Black Cassette, in violet o-card, individually numbered, limited to 30 copies.

Ichiro_ :: Bonkyo

Ichiro_凡響 / Bonkyo” ★ Self-released ★ Released 16 October 2015 ★

Volor Flex :: Exhale

Volor FlexExhale” ★ Label: Dark Clover Records ★ Released 14 October 2015 ★

Exhale” is Volor Flex‘s fifth album on Dark Clover.

All tracks written & produced by Volor Flex • Artwork by Mihai Dragomir.

Cosmic Compositions Compilation :: The Way Out

➲ Various Artists “The Way Out” ★ Label: Cosmic Compositions ★ Released 04 Oct. 2015 ★

“Proud to present to you ‘THE WAY OUT‘ a lil 16 track compilation we put together showcasing a range of psychedelic, punk, surf rock & krautrock inspired tunes from around the globe..

This is our first release outside of the beat/hip hop stratosphere and definetely not our last. The compilation features tracks from alot of our close friends and family including Ashes Holland., Christoph El’ Truento, Trance Farmers 愛, Jitwam, BOZO [ECHO OHs], Pacific Yew, Lapis, Affsid Kidjhagiffy, Mr Amish, SEENMR, P.H.F & more…. Enjoy… It’s Free…”

Artwork by Jordan Cuthers Clark //

Nocto :: Next To You EP

NoctoNext To You EP” ★ Label: Cut Records ★ Released 01 October 2015 ★

Intriguing left-field, rhythmic patterns, vocals wandering through fields of experimental bass and beats, and an almost trip-hop esque vision of modern experimental music permeates this beautiful 6-track EP from producer Nocto.

Meandering along a path drifting comfortably in and out of ambient, trip-hop, broken-beat, post-dubstep and more, the Next To You EP from Guillaume Zenses AKA Nocto is a certain something to behold.

Channeling rippled visions of Portishead, Lamb and Massive Attack, while filtering the more experimental side of previous Cut releasees such as Craset, The Crisis Project, Swoon and many more this EP brings both of those worlds colliding together in a fascinating collection of tracks.

:: Budo Kiba Compilation Vol. 1

Budo Kiba Compilation Vol. 1Budo Kiba Collective ★ Released 27 September 2015 ★

Budo Kiba Collective New York • Compilation Vol. 1 • Artwork by Alex Gohorel.

Shinamo Moki :: 30 Nights

Shinamo Moki30 Nights (EP)” ★ Self-released ★ Released 28 August 2015 ★

6 Original tracks and 6 remixes from the likes of Flau’s Noah, Donky Pitch’s Mount Bank and Airline’s Kuro BC.

Cassette Tape Design by Yuichi Francesco Romita & Artwork by Archie Gordon //