Caldera // Animated Short Film

Through the eyes of a young girl suffering from mental illness, CALDERA glimpses into a world of psychosis and explores a world of ambiguous reality and the nature of life and death.

CALDERA was helmed by Evan Viera (Director/ Composer/ Co-Writer) and Chris Bishop (Co-writer/ Animation Supervisor/ Story Artist) and was produced at Hampshire College. CALDERA was the first film to go through the Bit Films Incubator Program, where founder and professor Chris Perry (Co-Producer/ Editor) invites orphaned independent films to be made on campus with the College’s students and resources.

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  1. Adrian K. says:

    I really enjoyed this short!

    Especially when the villain (maybe her mental illness? or the spirit of this gloomy town?)appears the atmosphere is fantastic.
    But my favorite scene is, when she met the turtle. This cold(in a positive way), blue, shining beeing around her combined with the blue ocean ist just great!

    Awesome work!

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