Bruma :: Architect Method

BrumaArchitect Method” // Le Cabanon Records // Release 14 September 2013.

For the first release of Le Cabanon Records, Bruma presents Architect Method, a concept EP based on micro-modulation of pure tonalities (sine) and sculpture of full spectral signal density (white noise, pink noise).

Bruma‘s work has been focused on sonic research – looking for a unique style by applying a personal method – between managing innovative languages in computer music and universal human knowledge (mathematics, physics, philosophy, psycho-acoustic, rhythm, harmony, etc.). His working method allowed him to consider the time factor outside the boundary of “step/tempo” in the written sequence, for a musical landscape of “liberated” forms and movements.

By escaping of the academism, his research permitted him to develop his own vision of the phenomenon of repetition and variation. It has led to the creation of his own composition software. The finality of this sonic approach, manipulating the primary forms of electronic sounds, allowed him to create a rare electroacoustic ecosystem. A complex one, yet delicate and characterized by an abstract style that relentlessly flirts between science and poetry.

Composed during the winter of 2012-13, Bruma offers four avant-garde landscapes. Each of them merges the patterns of micro-dub, post-industrial fog, intimate and meditative electroacoustic atmosphere of an isolated mountain shed, traversed by Borée, the north wind.

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