ASC :: Time Heals All

ASCTime Heals All” // Silent Season // Released 01 Jul 2013 // Limited 300 Ed. Double CD Album.

“This is a very special release to me. I debuted the first disc of this release, along with ‘The Light That Burns Twice As Bright’ (also on Silent Season), back in May 2011 at a small intimate venue in Tokyo. Upon listening to this, it evokes a lot of great memories and feelings in me, and for that, I will always hold this LP dear to my heart. Disc 2 of this release was written when I returned from Tokyo. I spent the next few months going through field recordings I made out there and started to weave them in with my textures and pads.”

“I met a lot of great people on that visit who I can now proudly call my friends. One of them said to me after my set that I should send this material to Silent Season, as it’d be a great fit. The time is well and truly right to drop what I feel is my ambient opus to date. I hope you enjoy Time Heals All as much as I enjoyed writing it.” – ASC.

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