Applescal :: From A To Sea

ApplescalFrom A To Sea” // Atomnation // Release 09 December 2013 // Artwork: Alex Coll

Entitled ‘From A to Sea – Unreleased Works 2008 / 2012’, Applescal presents a 9-track mini album with various old works and journeys, as you would expect, through all manner of electronic influences. From minimal leanings seen on his releases for German label Traum, through to the pastoral electronica seen on his Atomnation releases, abstract ‘non-glitch’ IDM, bouncy brain-dance and more. Peppering his tunes with shades of Aphex Twin, Radiohead and even naïve 80s style electronics, the Dutch producer manages to wring emotion from the barest of elements, with his tracks travelling through the gamut of emotions from sadness through to uplifting happiness.

The tracks, culled from an old, forgotten computer, are as at home on the dance floor as they are on headphones or audiophile speakers.

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