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Death Trap – Taste Of Future // Official Video

“Perspectives as a reflection of sustained production of natural things. The anatomy of the world, the development and the future in a seemingly self-running organism.”

Directed by Boris Dörning // Taste Of Future – Music by Death Trap.

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ASC – Auxiliary Podcast Episode 11 // July 2012

“The idea behind the Auxiliary podcast is to first and foremost showcase music that I’m into. Obviously, having a label gives me a platform to make my music accessible for the consumer, but the podcast acts as a further insight into what makes Auxiliary what it is.” – ASC.

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Om Unit – Ulysses // Official Video

“Ulysses” by Om Unit taken from the Aeolian EP on Civil Music.
Created by Bison (Owen Silverwood & Dave Bullivant), with skies by Sam Coldy.

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/ Illustration © Sachin Teng // Art Print Available /

Gerra & Stone – Point Blank Podcast Series // July 2012

“Next up in our Podcast Series comes a mix from DnB duo Gerra & Stone.

Harry Hackett and former Point Blank student David Stone are a Drum & Bass duo from Southampton, UK. Their Debut EP was released on Basher’s Proximity Recordings imprint back in February, and went straight in at number 4 in the Drum & Bass arena album chart. Since then they have gone on to release more singles on Proximity and Alignment records, gaining support from the likes of DJ Hype, S.P.Y, Marky, Kasra, Doc Scott & Nu:Tone to name a few. This was definitely a positive start for the duo, cemented with Knowledge Magazine naming them in their “Top 10 Drum & Bass producers to watch in 2012” article.

Moving forward they are to release their next single ‘Make it Right’ and ‘Melting pot’ for new label Scientia Music on August 24th. On September 2nd, a very special remix of their track “Droneheads” is to be released on Alignment Records. The remix is by none other than Octane & DLR, so trust us when we say this one is a killer! After this the duo have more singles to be released on Proximity recordings in early Autumn with more details to follow soon.”

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// Revolta

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Creatures Forming – Astronaut In The Aftermath

Music video for the track “Creatures Forming” from Astronaut In The Aftermath.

Designed, animated, edited, and directed by Matthew Wade. All of the animation FX were done by hand and contain no repeats or cycles.

More Collage Works by Monika Traikov

Ziemlich genau vor einem Jahr hatte ich bereits Monika Traikov`s Collagen hier gebloggt, nun gibt es noch einmal einen Nachschlag mit neueren Arbeiten der in Toronto, Kanada lebenden Künstlerin. Einen Überblick ihrer Bilder gibt es entweder auf ihrem Tumblr-Blog oder Flickr-Stream zu sehen.

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“Lightning Bugs” Poster Art by DKNG

Print by DKNG: 18″ x 24″. Three Color Screen Print. Signed Limited Edition of 200. Costs $50.

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Noodles by Atelier Olschinsky

/ Images © Atelier Olschinsky // via Dark Silence In Suburbia /