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Glyph & Δ Aurigæ by Depart

Depart: The Dark Matter Of Fact // Leonhard Lass & Gregor Ladenhauf.


Glyph is a projection sculpture with references to ritual monuments such as obelisks or stelas. It deals with cyclic change and constantly regenerates itself. An alphabet based on fundamental geometric shapes (rectangle, circle and triangle) acts as a communication device as well as a pure aesthetic element. All texts displayed are permanently evolving and restructured based on linguistic rules. The installation runs in realtime – the video shows a random segment recorded at schmiede 2011.

Δ Aurigæ

Delta Aurigae is an installation which deals with the periodic coalescence of opposite aggregate states, based on and structured by the rhythm of a double star system like the constellation Auriga.

A world populated by meanders and monoliths, meteors and menhirs that draws inspiration from ancient astrology which was using rock formations and natural objects to decipher the universe and measure it’s cycles. Delta Aurigae is a hybrid between installation and performance, a stage with a life of its own. In idle mode it shows a slow and majestic flow like a glacier, where fringes blur and relations vanish.

ASC :: Auxiliary Podcast Episode 07 // March 2012

“The idea behind the Auxiliary podcast is to first and foremost showcase music that I’m into. Obviously, having a label gives me a platform to make my music accessible for the consumer, but the podcast acts as a further insight into what makes Auxiliary what it is.” – ASC.

Podcast Download

Portrait Of Nostalgia by Berthjan Achterop

lllustration by Berthjan Achterop for Evoke’s Nostalgia exhibition.

/ Illustration © Berthjan Achterop // via we and the color /

Making Of Orto Bikes by Multipraktik

A spring bike-rework project, 20 artists, 20 bikes in 10 days.

Artists: 1107, Andraž Tarman, Ajda Fortuna, David Kladnik, Fejzo, Gregor Lož, (Grupa), Jaka Neon, Jernej Stibilj, Jurij Lozić, Mina Fina, Nina Vrhovec, Nuša Jelenec, Pos, Rex, Stella (5237/ IE), The Miha Artnak, Tilen Sepič, Vladimir & vladimir // Video production: Multipraktik.

❖ Graphics Interchange Format #22

/ QuantumCUBE © Surrogate Self /

/ Graphic © Surrogate Self /

/ bllzKLSTR.Anim © Surrogate Self /

Audio :: Black Sun Empire Podcast 17 // March 2012

Black Sun Empire – Podcast 17 mixed by Audio – March 2012.

DROPLETS by Simon Fiedler

DROPLETS is a movie about ideas. But it’s mostly a movie about the feelings, when you have no idea. Oppression, disorientation and fear can be paralyzing, but are often a very important element on the way to the perfect idea. The movie DROPLETS shows this feelings in an experimental way.

Concept & Animation – Simon Fiedler // Sounddesign – Daniel Mauthe // Music – Ben Krahl.

/ via Everything Visual /

Sunlight In Your Eyes: Photography by Maria Sardari

Die 17-jährige Künstlerin Maria Sardari wurde in Moldawien geboren, lebt aber heute in den USA. Anfang 2010 began sie mit der Fotografie. Mehr Bilder findet man auf ihrem Flickr-Stream.

/ Photography © Maria Sardari // via /

Birth Of A Book by Glen Milner

A short vignette of a book being created using traditional printing methods.

Shot at Smith-Settle Printers, Leeds, England // Shot, directed & edited by Glen Milner.

/ via Klnstdtgdnkn /

Analog Visual Effects by Afiq Omar

Analog Visual Effect Series by Afiq Omar.


“Second installation of my ongoing series focused on analog visual effects, understanding fluid dynamics, magnetism & natural invisible forces. This time around I experimented with mixing tiny portions of ferrofluid & other chemicals, soap, alcohol, milk etc. Not for the trypophobic for sure.” Music: Drowned by Riga.


“I combined exotic ferrofluid along with metallic objects around the house to craft various footage that demonstrate the properties of ferromagnetism.” // Music: Vector by Riga.