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Happy New Year 2012


Kaleidoscopic Images Of The City by Simon Gardiner

“Upside Town” heisst passenderweise das fantastische Projekt mit Kaleidoskopischen Bildern des aus England stammenden Fotografen Simon Gardiner. Mehr zu sehen gibt es auf seinem Flickr-Stream.

| Images © Simon Gardiner from the “Upside Town” Photoseries | via |

Dick Laurent Is Dead (Feat. Fink) :: Colour In Your Hands

Dick laurent is dead featuring Fink “Colour in your hands” // Label: Leonizer records.

Written & interpreted by Brice Genre // Direction, editing & post-production by Nicolas André.

I’m Going To Kill Myself Tomorrow

“I’m going to kill myself tomorrow.” – The Royal Tenenbaums (2001) // Made by Iwdrm.

ASC :: Auxiliary Podcast Episode 04 // December 2011

“The idea behind the Auxiliary podcast is to first and foremost showcase music that I’m into. Obviously, having a label gives me a platform to make my music accessible for the consumer, but the podcast acts as a further insight into what makes Auxiliary what it is.” – ASC.

Podcast Download

Richard Colvaen :: Polimetria

Directed by Ely Dagher & Shelbatra Jashari // Track taken off Vlek05 – AMAI#3/4 split 7″

Featuring DZA, Herrmutt Lobby & Richard Colvaen.

Beautiful Typography Art by Áron Jancsó

“Modernism Meets The Streets”: Wundervolle Typografie Poster von dem Grafikdesigner Áron Jancsó aus Ungarn. Der Künstler selbst beschreibt seine Arbeiten als eine Mischung aus Moderne, Street Culture und Kalligrafie, dabei immer experimentell. Noch mehr Schönes auf seiner Website.

| Images © Áron Jancsó |

Kilian Martin: A Skate Illustration

Directed by Brett Novak // Music: Soft Bullets.

Dan Couch vs. The Streets of Seattle

“Dan Couch shreds a run through the sketchy streets of Seattle on the NEW 78a Divine City Slashers and the upcoming P-40 Warhawk from Five Mile.”

The Last Christmas…

A festive tale of woe, depression and dementia told through a cheery song that climaxes with an uplifting ending…..sort off. You have been warned.

Direction, music & animation: David Lea // Design: Giles Dill, David Lea & Steven Sole.