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All The Hippie Batboy Wants Is A Hug!

and some LSD….man.

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Divisions by Zara Picken

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Julio en el Ártico

“Summer in Madrid, 2011. Looking for cool places to shoot with a 5d. After wandering around the city and its outskirts for a couple of days, we discovered something different. Randomly visited places together with a special sunlight conform this our first video together. This is what we found. We hope you like it as much as we have enjoyed shooting it.”

Filmed, edited and grade by Ártico // Music by Alva Noto & Ryuichi Sakamoto-Ionoscan.

BCee – Chameleon (Official Video)

Music video for BCee (Spearhead Records) titled ‘Chameleon’. Quite an abstract video/story but is loosely based on the idea of change using more organic type structures. Video by George Hurrell.

The Amazing Art of Jeff Soto

Im Februar hatte ich hier schon einmal Bilder von Jeff Soto gepostet! Da der amerikanische Künstler nun zum ersten mal zu Gast in Europa – bei der LES ENFANTS TERRIBLES Ausstellung in Lyon, Frankreich – war, hier nun ein Update seiner Arbeiten und ein aktuelles Video zu seinem Besuch, bei dem man unter anderem zusehen kann wie er eine Wand bemalt. Mehr gibt es auf seiner Website.

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Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You

Music: Gotye – Don’t Worry, We’ll Be Watching You // Directed & animated by Greg Sharp & Ivan Dixon at Rubber House // Additional animation: Jake Winkler // Produced by Wally De Backer.

Zachary Zezima Illustrations

Eine kleine Auswahl der wundervollen Zeichnungen des Animations- und Illustrationskünstler Zachary Zezima aus Brooklyn, NY, USA. Sein Portfolio kann auf seiner Website bewundert werden.

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Here Comes The Neighborhood 1.2: Gaia

Having just graduated from art school this year, Gaia is the youngest artist to join the Wynwood Walls. For the Wynwood Doors, a portrait gallery of murals within the collection, Gaia painted a mural of Henry Flagler, the powerful oil and railroad tycoon who is responsible for modern day Florida. With this, he continues a practice of implanting modernist figures into landscapes that they have drastically changed for better or worse.

Featured Music: “Sleeptalk” & “Cross” by Papertwin.

All We Ever Wanted Was Everything

Taken from the album Late Night Tales – MGMT // Directed by Ned Wenlock //
Character animation by Rodney Selby // Produced by Georgiana Taylor.


Lyrics: Illustrations by Tobias Hall

Tobias Hall ist freiberuflicher Illustrator und Grafik Designer, der von London, England aus arbeitet. Seine Fähigkeiten setzt er in digitale Formate ein, um zeitgenössische Illustration und vielseitiges Design zu produzieren. Seine Arbeiten sind stark von Musik beeinflusst, wie hier einige Bilder aus seinem “Lyrics”-Projekt. Mehr von Tobias Hall`s Werken gibt es auf seiner Website zu sehen.

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