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Angry Woebots & Pixel Pancho

Zwei Mitglieder der Army of Snipers Crew, Aaron “Angry Woebots” Martin und Pixel Pancho, haben sich erst letztens zusammengetan, um überwältigende riesige Murals in Los Angeles anzufertigen.

| Images © Army of Snipers |

The German

During the greatest conflict man has ever known, an epic duel unfolds between two ace pilots, each willing to take the match to it’s ultimate conclusion.

Written & Directed by Nick Ryan. Starring Toby Kebbell & Christian Brassington.

Andrew Zbihlyj Artworks

Der Künstler Andrew Zbihlyj stammt aus Kanada. Seine Mixed-Media-Arbeiten bestehen aus einer Kombination von schädlichen Chemikalien, Feuer, Acrylfarbe, Tinte, verschiedenen Papieren, Fotografie und Klebeband!! Ein Besuch seiner vorzüglichen Website ist ausdrücklich zu empfehlen.

| Illustrations © Andrew Zbihlyj |

Sepe Illustration Series

Illustration series for “And the Ass saw the Angel” novel by Nick Cave by Michal “Sepe” Wrga.

All on paper 42 x 30 cm. Technic: ink, watercolor, chalk, pen.

| Illustrations © Michal Wrga | via |

H I D E O U T // A Leeds Expedition

A weekend cruise around Leeds with Texas Chris Jenner. Filmed and edited by Rob Palmer.


| Phénakistiscope invented by Joseph Antoine Ferdinand Plateau | via |

A Zombie Dance Infection

Dancing zombie puppets, what more could you possibly want/ask, (besides a Micheal Jackson cameo)? These are real life felt puppets, and they are puppeted by real life fleshy puppeteers, not computers.

Directed by Reza Rasoli.

The Martians Discover A Radio

Sesame Street: The Martians discover a radio…

Illustration Art by Pat Perry

| Images © Pat Perry | More Pat Perry Art | via |

Bumper Animations by Jay Quercia

Jay Quercia created a series of bumper animations to announce each category at 2011 FITC award show in Toronto.