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Where Do We Land? // China Skateboard Trip To Mongolia

The Converse China skateboard team ventured up north to give their neighbor, Mongolia, a week long visit! Besides filming skateboarding in Ulaanbaatar, the troupe journeyed through the chilly Gobi Desert via camels, stayed in traditional yurts and experienced some unwelcoming as well as sketchy situations while trying to just film some maneuvers on rough terrain.

“Where do we land?” features the skateboarding of Keng Qu, Thrasher, Xu Ying, Blackie, Dan Leung and Xiao Xing. Directed, filmed & edited by Patrik Wallner.

Cinegraphs by MedienWG

| Animated Images © Medien WG |

Invaded by Little Aliens: The Art of Dmitry Maximov

Eine kleine Auswahl der fantastischen Foto-Manipulationen des russischen Illustrators Dmitry Maximov. Der in Moskau lebende Künstler nimmt einen Mix aus schönen Fotos und Illustrationen von Aliens und erstellt daraus diese geheimnisvoll faszinierenden Bilder. Mehr auf seinem Portfolio.

| Images © Dmitry Maximov |

The Devil’s Toy // A Skateboarding Documentary

Black and white skate documentary from 1966. Directed by Claude Jutra. Produced by M. Martin.

“It was frowned upon by the constabulary and disapproving adults, but the skateboard gave the youngsters who mastered its technique a thrilling sensation of speed unexcelled by any other pavement sport. Filmed in 1966 on Montréal streets before the elongated roller skate was banned, this film captures the exuberance of boys and girls having the time of their lives in free-wheeling downhill locomotion.”

Floppy Disk Art by Nick Gentry

Nick Gentry benutzt veraltete Medienformate wie zum Beispiel Floppy Disks als Leinwände für seine Malerei. Mehr Kunstwerke gibt es auf seiner Website zu sehen. Nick Gentry stammt aus London.


| Images © Nick Gentry |

Nelio: Street Art in Strasbourg, Bologna & Marseille

Der französische Street Art-Künstler Nelio unterwegs in Straßburg, Bologna und Marseille.

| Images © Nelio |

BIG BANG BIG BOOM: A Wall-Painted Animation by BLU

“BIG BANG BIG BOOM: an unscientific point of view on the beginning and evolution of life… and how it could probably end.” Direction & Animation by BLU. Production & Distribution by ARTSH.

Flatbed Scanner Artworks by Jesper Friis

Der aus Dänemark stammende Künstler Jesper Friis hatte die Idee, eine Serie von Bildern unter der Verwendung von traditionellen Medien direkt auf einer digitalen Leinwand zu erschaffen: einem Flachbett-Scanner. Mehr Bilder von Jesper Friis auf Deviantart, wo es auch Drucke zu kaufen gibt.

| Images © Jesper Friis | Buy Art Prints |

Gespenster by Matthew Dunn

| Illustration © Matthew Dunn | Buy Art Print |

Aimless // A Mike Manzoori Film

Aimless – a Mike Manzoori film for “Public Domaine” at La Gaite Lyrique.

Featuring Jose Rojo, Tyler Bledsoe, Kyle Leeper, Nathan Williams, Cairo Foster, Ben Skrzypek, Aidan Campbell, Ryan Sherman.